Claire Robertson is an Australian artist and illustrator who is well known for her much loved blog

Amanda Schutz is a Canadian illustrator and designer who grew up with a love for drawing and transformed that passion into her own design studio.

Lorena Siminovich is a San Francisco based artist, illustrator, product developer and owner of Petit Collage.

Summer Pierre is a cartoonist, illustrator & writer living in the Hudson Valley, New York.

jill bliss draws, sews and makes things in her studio everyday and lives one hour north of san francisco, california.

Sharyn's art is a blend of calligraphy, watercolor, letterpress printing, and cut paper, all done meticulously by hand and merged digitally.

Pamela Barsky is designer known mostly for her creative take on journals and photo albums. a big believer in letting ADD work for her, she tried her hand at...

Melanie Mauer is a photographer who runs a photo studio in Lexington KY.

Keri Smith is a Canadian award winning illustrator and author of several bestselling books and apps about creativity including Wreck This Journal

Katherine Dunn is a writer and illustrator who lives on Apifera Farm in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Pamela Bauer Muller has written The Kiska Trilogy; "The Bumpedy Road," "Rain City Cats," and "Eight Paws to Georgia."

Jenny Hart is an embroidery artist and craft designer living Los Angeles, California.

Anna Maria Horne has designed homewares, gift items, textiles, authored 3 sewing books & publishes a continuing collection of sewing & needlework...

Kathy Cano Murillo is a self taught artist with a full time Chicano art business, author of 7 books and founder of

Alicia Ieronemo Paulson is an author of 2 books as well as a designer who develops, manufactures, and sells original sewing, embroidery and cross-stitch...

Andrea Scher is a as an artist, photographer, life coach and jewellery designer who is redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO.

Lori is an artist and illustrator and comic and children's book author living in Vancouver Canada.

Debbie Drechsler works as an illustrator and comic creator in Santa Rosa, California

Hope Wallace is a collage artist and designer who works out of her home studio in the outskirts of Baltimore.

Laurie Wagner is a writing teacher + coach, author of 7 books and mixed-media artist who lives in Alameda California.

Ruby Bayan makes her living as a freelance writer, bylined in print and online.